If Your New Year’s Resolutions Include Hiring Employees, Read This Warning!

Posted by Kristina Taylor
December 31, 2009

If Your New Year’s Resolutions Include Hiring Employees, Read This Warning!

Are you one of the thousands of employers

who expects to hire at least one new worker in 2010? 

Then it’s important that you heed this warning:

You Must Background Screen Every Applicant!

Believe it or not, there are still plenty of companies that only screen occasionally… and there are plenty who do not screen at all.  That adds up to a whole heap of trouble.  After all, it’s a game of roulette — sooner or later, you’re bound to hit the “jackpot”.  It’s statistically proven.

If you’ve never hired before, you may be wondering how to get started.  Obviously, as a company that specializes in background screening, we know the ropes.  So if you want to understand how this works, here’s the 411 on screening your job candidates:

1.  After you first interview a candidate and feel he or she would make a good fit with your organization, it’s time to put on the brakes and screen.  Even if you feel certain that the background screening isn’t necessary, believe us when we tell you that it is!

2.  At this point, you would contact your screening provider of choice.  (Of course, we encourage you to choose VerifyProtect!)  From there, you’ll decide what kind of screening you need depending upon the responsibilities of the job.  (If you’re not sure, we have a wonderfully easy way for you to instantly find out what you need — it’s right here and is totally free to use!)

3.  Once you’ve determined what kind of background screening measures you’ll want your provider (we’ll assume it’s VerifyProtect) to undertake and you’ve obtained an account setup package from the provider, you simply have to input the candidate’s information and wait for the results.  Often, those results can come back very quickly, such as in a matter of seconds.  In some cases (e.g., when the screening provider is charged with tracking down the candidate’s references), the results may longer.

4.  Depending upon the background screening results, you can either a) formally ask the applicant to join your business or b) decline to offer the applicant a position based on the background screening findings.  (VerifyProtect can even provide letters that conform to compliance standards to mail to applicants depending upon the decision.)

It’s truly an easy process, and it’s the ONLY way to protect your company, your reputation, your colleagues, your vendors and your clients. 

Happy New Year to you and may all your

2010 resolutions come true!

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