HR professionals should be cheerleaders for screening policy

Posted by Kristina Taylor
June 27, 2012

HR professionals should be cheerleaders for screening policy

Are you an HR professional who believes in the importance of background checks but can’t get the rest of your team on board the employment screening bandwagon? The human resources department often takes the fall for a bad hire, because they’re the ones who are charged with checking references and obtaining drug test results for new hires. But it’s not fair to blame HR when there is no clearly established system of checks and balances in place for prospective employees.

If you’ve been at this awhile, chances are you already have employment screening protocols in place – it just might not be formal “policy” yet. In order to get your employer to adopt a formal policy, you might have to do the legwork. But that’s still worth it, if it means you will avoid trouble down the line – legal or otherwise – thanks to a bad hire that slips through the cracks.

First you’ll need internal support for the practice, so educate key decision makers and stakeholders about the benefits of pre-employment screening. Point out benefits like the ability to make intelligent and informed hiring decisions, having a safer workplace and enjoying the efficiency of a more productive workforce.

Next, put together a draft of a formal policy. Include the different types of screenings for the different positions at your company. Then based on the kinds of screening reports your company needs, research to find the best available professional screening service to meet your needs. Doing the work up front for this very important policy will benefit everyone in the long run.

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