Higher Tuition Rates Can Lead to Job Applications Turning to Diploma Mills

Posted by Kristina Taylor
December 8, 2010

Higher Tuition Rates Can Lead to Job Applications Turning to Diploma Mills

It’s no secret that the cost of education in the United States and abroad has risen significantly and is expected to continue to rise.  In fact, some authorities predict dramatic increases in tuitionrates through the foreseeable future.

For most people, this just means there’s a need to tighten their belts and choose one of the following options:

a)  Go to a school that’s more community-based rather than a liberal arts or prestigious university.

b)  Forego a bachelor’s degree and learn a trade OR get a certificate or associate’s degree.

c)  Put school on hold for now and get a job with a company that will pay partial tuition for long-term employees who want to get ahead.

d)  Start saving for their school of choice immediately, scaling back on unnecessary wants and working with a financial advisor.

These are all laudable and practical options.  But unfortunately, there is a small sector of persons who would rather take the “short cut”.  Those folks turn to diploma mills in lieu of getting an authentic degree.

As we’ve discussed before, diploma millsare, quite honestly, a scourge in terms of the business world.  They allow individuals to “buy” degrees (in the forms of diplomas or certificates), thus bypassing an online or brick-and-mortar classroom environment.

It’s cheaper, it’s deceptive and it’s tough for employers to spot.  That’s because diploma mills often have names that sound similar to legitimate colleges and universities.  This is where comprehensive background screening on every potential employee becomes essential.  Without it, any employer could wind up hiring someone who has basically skipped an important step in getting his or her diploma.

Don’t be duped by diploma mill-holding applicants.  Turn to a background screening firm.