“Free” Background Checks are NEVER Free!

“Free” Background Checks are NEVER Free!

NEWSFLASH:  “Free” Background Checks are Anything But!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably been the recipient of spam emails suggesting that you can get free background checks.  And while there may be aspects of background checks that you can do at no cost, it’s definitely a misnomer.

See, background checking is more than just Googling someone’s information and calling a few people.  It involves strict procedures and processes to get it down correctly.  There are also some rules and regulations when it comes to disclosing what you’ve uncovered, especially if you’re an employer. 

In the end, it’s a “you’ll pay for it now or pay for it later” type of situation.  Sure, you can do some of the background checks “for free” (and that’s not taking into account your time), but you’ll end up needing to go to a third party for some elements of it regardless.

Don’t fall for all the hype.  Instead of being penny wise and pound foolish, hire a reputable background screening organization and sleep well at night knowing that all the proverbial “i”s have been dotted and “t”s have been crossed.

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