Find the Truth Behind A Prospective Employees White Lies

Posted by Kristina Taylor
June 17, 2011

Find the Truth Behind A Prospective Employees White Lies

Let’s face it: Everyone lies. We make up little stories for our children to get them to eat their vegetables. We tell little white lies to our loved ones to save their feelings from getting hurt. And sometimes, we even pepper our resumés with misleading statements and downright falsehoods, in hopes of landing a better job.

Building a resumé is about putting one’s best face forward, highlighting our every employment experience in a positive light. But sometimes even well-intentioned employees get carried away, wanting to sound better on paper than they fear they have been in the actual workplace. And those white lies continue during the interview process, where prospective employees lie about their previous employment, their education, and sometimes even their criminal record. It’s been estimated that 10 percent of candidates have a previously undisclosed criminal record.

It’s impossible to make a clear, unbiased opinion of an applicant’s ability to do the job without first checking to make sure all the details they’ve presented to you stand as facts. The only way to do this is through a proper pre-employment screening process. Look into their background. Check their criminal record. Delve into their employment history. Have them agree to a drug test.

It’s important to find the truth behind any white lies that may have been told.

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