Federal Government looking into flawed background checks

Posted by Kristina Taylor
January 28, 2014

Federal Government looking into flawed background checks

The Justice Department filed a civil complaint against its largest security check contractor, alleging they defrauded the US out of 700,000 flawed background checks.

The firm, USIS, was responsible for conducting background checks on NSA leaker Edward Snowden, and Navy Yard shooter Aaron Alexis. The suit claims about 40% of the background checks between March 2008- September 2012 were not completed per the agreement of their contract.

One former USIS employee claims the company rushed background screenings through to secure over $12 million in bonuses from the federal government, while giving the impression the screenings were more in-depth.

According to the company’s whistleblower, USIS used software to mark electronic “Review Complete” notations, without property completing the mandated screening process.

The government paid USIS between $95-$2500 per background check, depending the level of security and type of screening completed.

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