Drug Testing – What Will Your Employees Say?

Drug Testing – What Will Your Employees Say?

If you’re concerned about what your employees’ responses will be if you implement a drug testing program, you’re not alone.  Many business owners and face this concern.  And, truth be told, you may get some resistance to the switch in policies.

What are the possible outcomes if you implement drug testing?  Some could include:

  1. You’ll lose key employees who see drug testing as an invasion of their privacy.
  2. You’ll lose employees who are using drugs “recreationally” but whose on-the-job performance has been acceptable.
  3. You’ll bruise the company morale and trust you’ve built.

These are definitely factors to consider. 

With that being said, though, the positives of implementing drug testing can be just as profound:

  1. You’ll be protecting your employees and clients from problems that stem from drug use and abuse.
  2. If you do lose employees, they might simply be “self-selecting” themselves out of your company because they would ultimately “flunk” a drug test… and that’s a good thing in the long run.
  3. You will be in a position to offer help to a drug abusing colleague, even if you have to let him/her go.

Now, you definitely have to weigh your options carefully and not rush into the decision to drug test.  Check with your lawyers, talk with other people in your industry and discuss your ideas with those in your personnel department.  But know that if you feel it’s the right choice, it probably is.

Next time, we’ll discuss how to explain to your employees that you’re starting a drug testing program…

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