Drug Testing: Big Enough to Bring Down Coca-Cola

Drug Testing: Big Enough to Bring Down Coca-Cola

Here’s a great example of how powerful and wide-reaching the results of drug testing can be…
We first noticed this story in the Wall Street Journal and followed up by reading several online articles on the subject, including this piece from Time.com entitled “Red Bull’s New Cola: A Kick from Cocaine?

In a nutshell, this news item stems from controversy over Coca-Cola’s uber-successful (especially in North America) product called Red Bull.  It’s a highly-caffeinated beverage that Coke has touted as 100% natural but which some Germans have deemed perhaps a bit TOO natural.

Basically, German drug testing has shown there to be trace amounts of cocaine in the drink.  So it’s been banned from the shelves in at least six of Germany’s states.

The amount of cocaine is incredibly small, but is enough to get it kicked out of areas where it could have been a best-seller.  If nothing else, this story is a perfect example of the influence of drug testing, whether it’s done on people or products.


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