Drug Screening — How Much is Enough?

Drug Screening — How Much is Enough?

You know that you’re going to have to implement a drug screening policy for your company.  That’s okay and your employees are aware of that fact, too.  However, you have no clue how often you should conduct drug screenings.  In other words, “How much is too much?  And how little is too little?”

You’re not the only business executive who has been in this position.  And you won’t be the last.  However, finding an answer need not be problematic.

First, you may want to check and see if there are drug testing industry standards for your field.  For example, if you are planning to drug test over-the-road drivers in your employee, you may need to refer to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s Overview of Drug and Alcohol Testing Rules which includes the following statements:

“Employers are responsible for conducting random, unannounced drug tests. The total number conducted each year must equal at least 50% of the safety-sensitive drivers. Some drivers may be tested more than once each year; some may not be tested at all depending on the random selection.”

Secondly, you’ll want to work with a drug screening company to map out a plan for drug tests throughout the year.  (Any reputable background screening organization will be able to assist you in this area.)

Finally, you’ll have to continually update your drug screening program.  For instance, if you discover that you seem to be over-testing, you can always cut back.  Similarly, if you’ve under-tested, you’ll want to add more tests.

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