Don’t Hire White Collar Criminals

Don’t Hire White Collar Criminals

You’re sitting across the desk from a job applicant.  She looks as polished and professional as you’ve ever seen.  You were impressed by her from her resume, and now you’re certain she’s going to be the best hire you’ve ever made. 


Before you hand her an offer, please, please, please perform a comprehensive background check on her!  After all, despite her clothing and polish, she might actually be a white collar criminal just waiting to get her hands on your data.

And don’t think it cannot happen to you…  Just because someone “looks the part” doesn’t mean a thing.  Often, criminals are amazingly adept at masking their true identities.  They’re performers, cleverly making would-be employers feel comfortable enough to take them on… and then taking those employers “to the bank”.

Though a background check can’t tell you if a job applicant WILL someday take from your organization, it can tell you whether he or she HAS done so in the past.  And that will make your decision much easier… to show him or her the door and not a corner office.

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