Does Your Kid’s Summer Camp Background Screen Counselors?

Posted by Kristina Taylor
March 2, 2010

Does Your Kid’s Summer Camp Background Screen Counselors?

It’s March, which means parents are starting to mull over the question:  “What is my son/daughter going to do this summer?”  For many families, the answer is some type of camp, whether residential or day-based.

But before sending any child away from the home to be under the care of strangers, it’s important for moms, dads and grandparents to be assured that the people watching out for those youngsters have been background screened.

Unfortunately, not all summer camps have a standard background screening process, especially those that are only a few hours per day in length.  Why?  Quite honestly, from the camp directors’ viewpoints, background screening is often considered to be “unnecessary”.  However, we all know that one bad employee can bring down an organization quickly and publicly.

To all the mothers and fathers out there — be certain to ask whether your child’s instructors and counselors have been thoroughly background checked.  And to camp organizers everywhere — please know that the small amount of money you’ll spend background screening your employees will be well worth it in the long run.