Does Your Company Have a Standardized Job Application?

Does Your Company Have a Standardized Job Application?

If you’re like many employers, the decision to hire someone isn’t one you take lightly; in fact, you probably spend a great deal of time, money and consideration when it comes to finding the perfect person for your open position.  But do you have a standardized job application?  If not, you might want to consider purchasing and/or creating one.

What are the benefits of having a company-specific standardized job application?  Well, for starters…

1.  It’s much easier to sift through standardized job applications than it is to sift through a pile of resumes.  That’s because the information you need is on the same page in every job application.

2.  Background checks and screening are streamlined.  For instance, references are easier to check when they are listed in a standardized format.

3.  You can cross-check the standardized job application with the resume.  If someone is lying on his/her resume , you may be able to catch the fraudulent activity before they ever get to the interview stage.

So… does your business use a standardized job application?  Why or why not?

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