Do You Background Check for Every Position?

Do You Background Check for Every Position?

There’s a philosophy among some business owners (and even HR managers) that not every job requires a background check.  After all, the theory goes, some people’s jobs lead them to have very little access to money, equipment, customers, etc.  So are background checks really necessary in those cases?

While it’s an interesting question, we’d have to say that the ultimate answer is “yes”. 

Why?  Check out these three big reasons:

→ Any employee is YOUR organization’s employee.  So if he/she does something and it hits the press, your company will be associated with the criminal activity.

→ The employee may someday be promoted.  And background checks aren’t usually performed every time someone receives a promotion.  In the end, you could wind up with a supervisor or manager who shouldn’t be in his/her role because of a past record.

→ Just because you think the worker will not have access to certain things doesn’t mean that’s the case.  Never underestimate someone who wants to do something.  Human ingenuity can be used for both good and nefarious purposes.

Our ultimate recommendation for businesses of all sizes?  Always background check everyone before bringing them on… or risk the consequences.

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