Credit Checks ~ Liked by Employers, Loathed by Applicants?

Posted by Kristina Taylor
March 9, 2010

Credit Checks ~ Liked by Employers, Loathed by Applicants?

In an era where significant amounts of job candidates resort to lying on their resumes and during interviews, background checks have become necessity.  And that means many employers are turning to comprehensive checks which include information into an applicant’s credit history.

Because so many Americans are having difficulty with their credit, there’s a growing movement by candidates to squelch credit reports.  Essentially, they feel the reports will unfairly pigeonhole them as being fiscally irresponsible.

Though this is understandable, it still behooves employers to complete credit checks, especially if the job candidate is going to be handling money.  This doesn’t mean that a questionable report will definitely preclude an applicant from getting the job, but it does mean that the employer will know what he or she is getting in terms of a worker.

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