Could the Right Background Checks Have Prevented CT’s Shooting?

Posted by Kristina Taylor
August 3, 2010

Could the Right Background Checks Have Prevented CT’s Shooting?

This week, a terrible tragedy struck. 

In the state of Connecticut, a Hartford Distributors employee, Omar Thornton, shot 8 people before killing himself.  As the shock of this horrific event has begun to subside, people are starting to ask the question — was comprehensive background screening conducted when Thornton was hired?

Though no information has been released as of the writing of this post in terms of how (or whether) Hartford Distributors conducts background checks on potential employees, it is definitely the right inquiry to make… albeit too late for Thornton’s victims.  For instance, did Thornton have a past history of problems with co-workers?  Did he have a criminal record?  Was there something that could have been a “red flag” on his record?

Obviously, the most important part of the story isn’t background screening; it’s the lives that were needlessly stolen.  But chances are good that in the days that follow, many thoughts will be raised and Hartford Distributors will have to answer.

Our thoughts go out to all the victims’ families and friends.

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