Could Knowing the Driving Record of Potential Hires Benefit Your Company?

Could Knowing the Driving Record of Potential Hires Benefit Your Company?

Many employers, especially small- to medium-size businesses, are confused as to what kinds of background checks new hires should undergo. For instance, does the company really need to conduct fingerprinting or education verification?

Obviously, each organization’s needs are unique and not all screenings are necessary in all cases. With that said, many places of employment would be wise to consider how the driving records of potential employees can affect the successful operations of their companies.

For instance, even if a would-be employee will only be operating a company vehicle for you one time, you could be in hot water if he or she has a rather unattractive driving record (of which you were in the dark) and winds up in an accident, even a minor “fender bender”. Additionally, if you’re planning to hire someone who will be driving a corporately-leased car or truck, your insurance carrier may decline coverage to you given the unacceptable driving record of the employee.

Again, it’s your call as to whether you feel a driving record check will be beneficial, but it’s crucial to take into consideration all factors, including how you might want that employee to function (in terms of added duties and responsibilities) in the coming months and years.

Concerned about saving money in the hiring process? If you decide that a worker will need to pass a driving record check as a condition of employment, give him or her an opportunity to tell you what you’re likely to find.

If he or she claims to have a clean driving record, go ahead with the screening. But if the applicant admits to a string of bad driving choices, you’ll know the person isn’t right for your organizational needs and you’ll be out-of-pocket nothing but the time it took to interview the candidate.


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