Could Drug Screening Potentially Save Your Employees’ Lives?

Could Drug Screening Potentially Save Your Employees’ Lives?

If your business operates in an industry where drug screenings (and/or health screenings) are routinely performed, you may not realize that you’re actually offering your employees the opportunity to find out about ailments they didn’t realize they had.

Many drug and health screening professionals can potentially operate as “first lines of defense”.  Because of their responsibilities, they may be in a position to spot problems such as high blood pressure or unusual bloodwork results. 

Of course, this isn’t always the case, but it has occurred on a number of occasions.  And workers are always thankful to be able to stave off medical troubles before they get out of hand.

So the next time you hear grumbling regarding you organization’s policy on drug or health screenings, you might want to remind your employees that those screenings not only benefit of the company… they could just be a lifesaver.

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