Changing Economic Conditions Warrant Background Checks on Everyone

Changing Economic Conditions Warrant Background Checks on Everyone

It used to be pretty accepted that companies didn’t need to perform background checks on every employee.  Instead, they just chose the ones that had to work with sensitive materials.  But all that’s changed.

Today’s economic conditions absolutely warrant background checks for every single new hire.  From the worker in the plant to the CFO in the boardroom, background checks are needed to protect internal and external information.

Of course, numerous employers know this instinctively but do not want to spend a) time or b) money to conduct background checks.  Some just choose to go with a “gut instinct” that (they hope) is right.

Yet what would happen if your new hire…

→ Stole from a coworker.

→ Was a convicted felon and colleagues found out and were horrified.

→ Used customer data for nefarious purposes.

→ Was a sexual offender and ended up having access to minors.

→ Took money from the organization.

→ Sold secure information for his/her own profit.

Could your company survive the media circus (complete with bad public feelings) that would ensue?  It’s doubtful, especially if you’re a small to mid-sized entity.

Be smart and protect your own interests.  Conduct background checks before offering any job to anyone.

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