CA law cracks down on employee background screenings

Posted by Kristina Taylor
October 25, 2013

CA law cracks down on employee background screenings

A new law signed by California governor Jerry Brown now requires that state and municipal governments must first determine if job applicants are qualified for a position BEFORE inquiring about their criminal past.

This law was in response to groups lobbying for employers to lower the barrier for employment. The momentum for “Ban The Box” laws has been gaining speed in recent years, with Hawaii being the first to overhaul job applications with questions about criminal convictions fifteen years ago.

California’s new law also requires that state and local agencies also delay an employee background check until they determine if a candidate is qualified for a position. However, positions that are exempt include this in law enforcement or education, where background checks are required by law.

Ten states now have Ban the Box laws, with Minnesota and Rhode Island passing similar legislation this past summer.

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