Boy Scouts Know Value of Background Checks

Posted by Kristina Taylor
September 13, 2010

Boy Scouts Know Value of Background Checks

As this article from Dallas shows, the Boy Scouts of America know exactly how important background checks are when it comes to protecting the safety of kids.

As the piece points out, the Boy Scouts make all volunteers go through criminal checks to ensure that there are no persons working with children who should not be.  In fact, the Boy Scouts keeps files on all individuals who have been deemed as unacceptable… and they have done so since the 1920s.

Have the Boy Scouts had their issues with bad hiring decisions?  Certainly.  But they’ve also put into place excellent measures along the way.  And your organization (or the organization where your son or daughter is attending classes, sports, etc.) could take a page out of the Scouts’ progress in this arena.

If you don’t currently background check volunteers and/or employees, you need to start doing so.  No agency or business can afford the backlash of a critical error in judgment that could have been prevented.