Be Very Careful When Hiring Background Screening Agencies

Be Very Careful When Hiring Background Screening Agencies

Just as no two snowflakes are alike, no background screening agencies are the same.  They all have their own processes and reputations… and that means it’s critical for you as an employer to find the one that’s going to provide you with:


ü  Security

ü  Value

ü  Speed


The Security Factor…


In terms of security, background screening agencies need to be cognizant of the fact that you’re giving them personal data.  That data should NEVER be allowed to get into the hands of anyone who does not have the right to see it.  Unfortunately, many so-called background screening agencies do not take the steps to properly protect the data given to them. 


The Value Factor…


It’s necessary that you feel your background screening agency is giving you value for your money.  Though you don’t want to just go with the “cheapest” option, you do want to feel like you’re getting what you pay for. 


The Speed Factor…


Decisions like whether or not to hire someone must be made in an efficient timeframe.  Otherwise, you risk a) losing a great employee or b) being able to move on to other job candidates (should the prospect prove not so terrific.)


Vet your background screening agency carefully and you’ll reap the rewards of your due diligence.

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