Background Screening: The Do-It-Yourself Myth

Background Screening: The Do-It-Yourself Myth

Small businesses and upstart companies are typically run by very savvy entrepreneurs who are looking to maximize their profits by doing as much as they can in-house.  However, in the majority of cases it does not make fiscal sense to have staff members attempt to tackle the sometimes-confusing realm of new hire background checks and screening.

Makes sense, right?  But how many times we’ve heard the following uttered by a frugal exec:

“We’ll just do the background screening ourselves!  How hard can it be?”

Such a statement is perfectly understandable when coming from a business leader who is in charge of a very tight budget; yet the utterance implies that he or she may not understand the full blown realities of conducting a thorough background check on a new hire. 

It takes time to do it right. 

And if an in-house employee who is unfamiliar with background screening tries to undertake the challenge of vetting applicants, copious amounts of “on-the-clock” time can be frittered away.

So what’s the answer?  Obviously, it’s crucial to work with a company who understand the complicated processes of background checks and screening.  Look for those with a great reputation.  Plus, always remember that outsourcing this duty will free up staff members’ time to work on other projects as well as make certain that any background screenings are legally and efficiently conducted.

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