Background Screening Practical Application in the News

Posted by Kristina Taylor
December 16, 2010

Background Screening Practical Application in the News

It’s a wise idea to look at the practical implications and applications of background screening from time to time; that’s why we’re happy to highlight this story from Milton, Pennsylvania.

At the Milton Area School District, there’s a new policy in place that will make sure that all kids are protected. The policy, set forth by the school board, requires all school district volunteers to go through background screening before they can help out.

As the media has been reporting, the background screening will include checks consisting of FBI reports, histories of child abuse and histories of criminal activity.

As we’ve noted in our blog previously, these types of school-related background checks are increasing in popularity as parents, teachers and administrators begin to become more aware of the security risks posed by unchecked volunteers. And the last thing any school district needs is the negative PR of a scandal.

We applaud Milton Area School District for taking this important step.  We also encourage you to step forward and ask your school officials how — or if — they background check their independent volunteers.