Background Screening News from the Internet…

Posted by Kristina Taylor
January 26, 2010

Background Screening News from the Internet…

It’s always interesting to see how background checks play a part in so many news pieces.  For instance, take a look at these stories, all of which share a background screening component:

– If you’re looking for a job at any Memorial Health Care System facilities, make sure you kick the nicotine habit before you apply.  They’re using pre-employment screening measures to weed out those who smoke in an effort to keep their staff as healthy as possible.

– In Grand Rapids, Michigan, officials are debating which background screening measures they should put into place to avoid scandals.  This is in response to a former Deputy’s accusation of soliciting teens online.

– From Salt Lake City, there’s a report that school personnel may be have to pass stricter criminal background checks.  This comes from a house bill that lawmakers are trying to pass in the state.  The bill will also allow school districts to periodically background check current employees if there is cause.

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