Background Checks Save Time, Not Waste Time

Posted by Kristina Taylor
July 10, 2009

Background Checks Save Time, Not Waste Time

A common excuse used by business people who know they should be implementing background checks but who do not is that they don’t have time to wait.  They need someone RIGHT NOW, so they can’t possible postpone hiring for even a day.

This type of thinking assumes that background checks are a waste of time, when, in fact, they save time.  Though a company may have to wait a very short period to determine if a candidate is appropriate for their needs, that time pales in comparison to the time that will be lost if a poor choice is made.

Of course, it’s very human to want something ASAP.  That’s the society in which we live — instant.  The Internet is 24/7, the business world is 24/7… it’s easy to get caught up in the intensity. 

However, background checks cannot and should not become casualties of this “we need it now” attitude.  If they are avoided, the casualties will ultimately be employers.