Background Checks Protect Summer Campers

Posted by Kristina Taylor
July 7, 2009

Background Checks Protect Summer Campers

It’s summertime, at least in the northern hemisphere, and many parents are ready to send their young campers off to the woods for a week or so of fun, entertainment, relaxation, education and friend-making.

If you’re one of those moms or dads, there’s something you need to be certain about before you send your child to camp — Has the camp you’ve chosen thoroughly background screened ALL personnel?  This includes maintenance people and camp staffers alike.  If the answer is “no”, you never know with whom your children will come in contact, which isn’t acceptable.

The necessity for background screening of all staffers applies to every camp, from those that run Monday through Friday for a couple of hours to those that offer overnight accommodations for campers.  If you’re going to allow your son or daughter to be around strangers, you need to know that those strangers have been cleared.

Be careful this summer with your most precious treasures — your kids.  Ask about the background checks ASAP.

(Oh, and don’t forget to send your youngsters to summer camp with sunscreen!)