Background Checks – “One and Done”?

Posted by Kristina Taylor
October 3, 2009

Background Checks – “One and Done”?

Thanks to an increased understanding of the benefits of performing background screening as part of the hiring process, a number or organizations have adopted pre-employment screening policies.  While that’s something to be applauded, it does bring up a larger question:  “Should background checks be a ‘one and done’ deal?”

While some companies say “absolutely”, others aren’t so sure.  That’s because they realize that employees, especially long-term employees, may need to be re-checked at some point during their time on-the-job.  Perhaps those workers got in trouble with the law in another state (which the employer may not know about but which the employer probably SHOULD know about)…  Maybe they’ve been using illegal drugs…  It could even be that they’ve begun spending copious amounts of money which is leading them further and further into debt (and some such employees turn to theft, especially if they are using the funds to fuel an addiction or gambling problem.)  Regardless, the company could be placed in jeopardy by their actions and decisions.

Is it simple to institute background screening on a regular basis?  Well, from our viewpoint, yes.  VerifyProtect aims to make background screening as trouble-free for the employer as humanly possible.  But from an HR/legal perspective, you will likely need to institute such a new program pragmatically, honestly and consistently.  So make sure you’re in compliance, then give our offices a call!

Out of curiosity — does your business conduct background checks only on new hires or (periodically) on employees, too?