Background Checks Make Sense!

Background Checks Make Sense!

Whether your business is large or small, you know how important good employees are, both to your bottom line and to team morale. So it’s important to make the right choice for the business, and good, hard information can make it easier to choose among a field of prospective employees. And that means employee background checks.

Carefully consider the position you’re trying to fill. What will the employee’s responsibilities be? Will they handle sensitive information? Might they be required to operate a company vehicle? Will they be privy to company secrets? What kind of contact will they have with clients or customers?

It pays to have the facts in front of you before you make a decision about who is best to fill your vacancy. Most businesses don’t have the necessary HR to properly screen employees, and many smaller businesses only hire one or two employees sporadically. Employee background checks can help fill in the gaps left by employment records and personal references.

You could be protecting your business from something far more serious than hiring someone who can’t do the job well. The number of negligent hiring lawsuits is on the rise, and so is the size of the financial settlements awarded in such suits. In fact, the average settlement is now $1.6 million, according to one reliable source.

It just doesn’t make sense for a business of any size to take such a risk these days, when employee background checks are so affordable and accessible. It’s the easiest way to protect yourself, your business, and your other employees.

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