Background Checks and the Online Dating Scene

Posted by Kristina Taylor
October 18, 2010

Background Checks and the Online Dating Scene

A generation ago, it would have been rare to hear about someone background checking a potential date (or spouse), but it’s becoming a more common scenario, especially with the proliferation of online dating.

Though online dating sites themselves cannot and will not necessarily perform comprehensive background screening on all their applicants, the men and women who use those sites have begun to take it upon themselves to hire background checks on possible mates.  It’s an unexpected sign of the times, perhaps, but it’s beneficial, too. 

Not only does a background check help a dater know the truth about a would-be boyfriend or girlfriend, but it also provides a serious amount of security.  Of course, there is a little catch – the person must be giving his or her real name in order for the background check to be successful.  And not all online daters are forthcoming with that kind of personal information, choosing instead to operate in a “shady” fashion.

The partnership between online dating and background checking may be in its infancy, but it’s growing up fast… and is likely to become an important means of safety in Internet matchmaking ventures.