Background Checking is on the Rise

Posted by Kristina Taylor
March 16, 2010

Background Checking is on the Rise

Though it doesn’t surprise us, this article from the Wall Street Journal hits home the fact that more employers than ever are checking the backgrounds of potential employees.

In fact, in the story, it states that, as of 2009, 47 percent of respondents to a SHRM survey said they are conducting credit checks on possible workers.  That figure is up 5 percent from the results of a similar study only a few years ago.

For employees, this is a double-edged sword, of course.  If you haven’t anything nefarious on your record, there’s nothing to fear.  But if you’ve had credit problems, run-ins with the law or other issues that could be red flags to companies, it might be best to disclose them upfront.  Sure, it may cost you the job… but if the employer is doing a background check, you won’t have the job anyway. 

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