Back to School, Back to Drug Screenings

Posted by Kristina Taylor
August 10, 2009

Back to School, Back to Drug Screenings

This notice from the Pryor Daily Times (Pryor, Oklahoma) is a good reminder that back to school often means back to drug screenings.

As the blurb states:

“Any student in grades seventh through 12th competing in athletics or any other student activities must be tested.”

While this type of announcement may sound strange to GenX and Boomer individuals who didn’t have to undergo drug screenings in school, rest assured that it’s becoming more and more commonplace.  So for GenY students (and those who will follow them), the procedure won’t seem unusual when they become adults.

That’s good to know for employers who can expect to hire GenY workers (and what organizations won’t as the population ages?), as companies may find less resistance to drug screening as a condition of employment.