Avoid the Toxic Employee with Pre-employment Screening

You know the toxic employee.  He or she can bring down a room’s jovial atmosphere in 0.78 seconds flat.  And when the toxicity spreads, productivity grinds to a fraction of its potential.  It’s enough to make any employer want to scream.

Wouldn’t it be great to pre-screen for this type of employee?  On one level, you can, and that’s with pre-employment screening.

Pre-employment screening can take a variety of shapes and forms, but above and beyond anything else, it helps you weed out applicants whose personalities are simply not going to fit into your ideal corporate culture.  Ironically, not only is this good for you as the employer, but it’s also good for them; after all, some toxic employees can actually be less difficult if they’re working in the right environment for them.

Avoid the toxic employee — implement pre-employment screening measures today.

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