Are you sure all your background check protocols are being followed?

If your company has an established employment screening process in place, are you sure it’s being followed? Are all the managers responsible for completing the various screening reports fully trained in the process? Are they being held accountable for those protocols being followed for every single prospective or current employee under their command?

A story out of Jacksonville, Fla., illustrates the importance of not just having protocols in place, but following through with them, thoroughly and timely, in every instance. Three employees of the Jacksonville Transportation Authority recently lost their jobs after an investigation showed they weren’t doing their due diligence during the screening process.

The investigation showed some JTA bus drivers behind the wheel despite the fact that they had been cited in the past for driving without a license. Others had previous arrests for violent crimes. And some of those incidents happened to drivers while they were employed at JTA.

It’s good practice to ensure your employees are following not just basic standards for background screening, but adhering to every type of background check, as often as your company demands, for every eligible employee or prospective employee. Don’t let anyone fall through the cracks.

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