Are You Drug Screening Your Interns?

Are You Drug Screening Your Interns?

It’s summertime here in America and that means thousands of young people will be seeking internship possibilities.  And that may mean they’ll be coming to your door.

Though it can be highly rewarding (and lucrative) to accept the responsibility of mentoring an intern, don’t forget that he or she will be a part of your staff for a few weeks or months (or longer.)  Thus, it may behoove you to conduct drug screening on any potential interns.

Though many government agencies and some public ones already require drug screenings of interns (don’t try getting an internship at the White House if you can’t pass one), private industries seem blissfully unaware of the potential danger that interns who have not been screened can bring.

Think of it this way — would you really want to allow someone with a less-than-perfect record into your office environment?  Might it result in bad publicity, especially if that intern did something illegal and was named in the newspaper or on the television?

Many marketers claim that “any press is good press”, but the organization that has to answer to its clients because they didn’t drug screen an intern probably wouldn’t agree.

So protect your current employees and your interns, too.

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