Applicants Who Lie, part I:  Education History

Applicants Who Lie, part I: Education History

There are numerous ways that job applicants can and do lie to potential employers.  One of the easiest ways is by fibbing their education history.  They make up degrees, they make up schools attended, they even make up schools!  (There’s a whole market selling fraudulent degrees from fake schools.)

Without a comprehensive background check “sleuth” on their side, most companies don’t have or take the time to verify the educational credentials of all their potential employees.  Instead, they skim over the education history section of the applicant’s resume or CV, maybe ask him or her a few questions during the interview, and then move on to other things.

Make no mistake about it — even the smartest employers have been fooled by applicants who are determined to deceive.  That’s just one of the many reasons that it’s critical to perform thorough background screening procedures on every possible employee.

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