Another Story Where Criminal Checks Could Have Made a Difference

Another Story Where Criminal Checks Could Have Made a Difference

Places like nursing homes don’t regularly conduct checks into potential residents’ criminal records, as this story from Knoxville, TN shows.

In a nutshell, the article tells of a nursing home being sued because a known sex offender was living at the senior home and in 2009 allegedly sexually abused one of the residents.  The alleged perpetrator of the crime was convicted of rape and incest 18 years ago, and although the nursing home staff knew of this resident’s questionable past, they said nothing to other residents.  Hence, the lawsuit from the victim’s family.

In a published response from the nursing home, they noted:

“With respect to residents, it has not been industry practice to conduct criminal background checks on the prospective seniors who are seeking residence or health services. Recently, however, there has been a trend to screen prospective residents against state sex offender registries if they are available. [We have] implemented this process. “

While it’s wonderful that the nursing home is now conducting criminal checks on potential residents, it’s tragic that the reason had to be as a result of an avoidable (possible — as the case hasn’t yet been resolved) sexual assault.

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