A Strong Reminder That All Employees Can Make Poor Decisions

Posted by Kristina Taylor
September 7, 2009

A Strong Reminder That All Employees Can Make Poor Decisions

This headline just appeared on AOL’s homepage: 

City Workers Banned from Facebook after Spending 572 Hours On It“.

While the gist of the piece certainly isn’t shocking (after all, Facebook and social networking in general sap significant amounts of money from businesses around the world… and, let’s face it, everybody knows it), the sheer size of the number “572 hours” is.  In fact, it’s shocking.

To put this figure into perspective, 572 hours would be akin to a company hiring more than 14 full-time (40 hours/week) employees to do nothing for one week except spend their time on Facebook.  While that might sound like a fun activity to some individuals, it’s a horrifying thought to most entrepreneurs and business executives who deserve value and loyalty from their employees.

This sobering article also points to the reality that no employee is immune from making poor decisions.  From the top of the corporate ladder to the bottom, men and women (some very highly educated) can waste copious amounts of time, energy and — directly or indirectly — moolah.  And that just means entrepreneurs and business owners need to be that much more vigilant in today’s cyber-focused working environment.