5 Reasons to Background Screen Your Freelance Staff

Posted by Kristina Taylor
June 18, 2010

5 Reasons to Background Screen Your Freelance Staff

A lot of companies have recognized just how much of a cost savings they can see when they hire freelance staff to perform various functions.  From virtual CFOs to marketers, freelancers are ready to tackle projects.  But that doesn’t mean you should forgo common sense when hiring them

Below are 5 great reasons to background screen all freelance staff members:

  1. They’ll be representing your company.  The public won’t care if they are freelance or not if they do something wrong!
  2. They will likely have access to some confidential data.  Can you afford a breach?
  3. Their past nefarious decisions can ruin your reputation.  Who wants to hire someone with a criminal record a mile long?
  4. They might not be who they say they are.  We all know people sometimes lie on their resumes.  Who’s to say your freelancer isn’t stretching the truth?
  5. A reference checkcan tell you so much.  If you call the freelancer’s references, you’ll have a better idea of whether to move forward with him or her.

Don’t take a chance!  Background screen anyone on your team, even those who aren’t full-time employees.

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