5 Solid Reasons to Background Check Your Employees

5 Solid Reasons to Background Check Your Employees

Not background checking your employees?  Here are 5 reasons you might want to reconsider your position…

1. Diploma Mills

These are pesky places that allow people to buy degrees.  They aren’t real degrees, but they’ve fooled more than one employer in the past.

2.  Resume Lies 

You might be shocked at how many individuals are taking the liberty of adding to their resumes.  From lying about past positions to past employers, there’s probably nothing we haven’t seen before.

3.  Bad References 

If you don’t background check your employees, do you at least call all their references?  Most employers don’t, so they don’t realize that, sometimes, references are just made-up people with made-up phone numbers.

4.  Liability 

Let’s say you hire Bob and you find out months down the line that Bob is a registered sex offender or a criminal because he does something to one of your employees, customers or vendors?  Guess who is going to bear some of the brunt of the liability or at least be made the “bad guy” by the media?

5.  Safety 

Above all else, background checking employees provides you with a sense of satisfaction in knowing that you’ve made your workplace as safe as possible for everyone within your sphere of influence.

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