5 Pros of Offering Background Checks at Dating Sites

Posted by Kristina Taylor
July 23, 2010

5 Pros of Offering Background Checks at Dating Sites

There’s a strong movement afoot to push for background checks at online dating sites.  But what are the real pros of providing this kind of service?

Below, we look at five of the biggest advantages for sites who are willing to take this measure:

5 Pros to Offering Background Checks at Online Dating Sites:

  1. Protection.  It’s nice to know that if you’re using a particular dating site, people with nefarious backgrounds or criminal records have been screened.
  2. Convenience.  It’s one less thing that an online dater needs to do him- or herself.
  3. Marketing.  Being able to tout your dating site as being one of the only to offer background checks on registrants is a great selling point.
  4. Value.  A site can actually command higher rates from members if they’re able to offer this kind of security.
  5. PR.  The public relations benefit is tough to quantify, but let’s just say that “no news is good news”.  What dating site wants to court the possibility of a media circus if one of their members hurts another in some way?

In the end, we’re all for background checks at online dating locales.  What do you think?

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