10 Reasons Your Employees Aren’t Up to Par

10 Reasons Your Employees Aren’t Up to Par

Ever wonder why your employees don’t last?  Check out these possibilities:

  1. You’re hiring for the wrong reasons.  Maybe you think you need to hire individuals with a master’s degree when a high school education mingled with experience could work just as well.
  2. You’re not background screening your new hires.  Are you checking your new hires thoroughly?  Or are you just choosing people you “like”?
  3. Your employees don’t know what to do.  Have you outlined what your employees’ job descriptions and responsibilities are?  Though they may be clear to you, they might not be as clear to your employees.
  4. Your employees aren’t trained.  If you don’t offer any kind of training programs, you might be missing the boat.
  5. Your employees are under- or over-qualified for their positions.  Make sure the right people with the right credentials are in the right jobs.
  6. Your managerial skills need to be honed.  If you’re the manager, you may be sending the wrong messages to your subordinates.  More training for you could actually increase your employees’ performances.
  7. Your pay rate doesn’t match what you expect your employees to do.  Are you known as a “low payer” in your industry?  You may need to do some budget analysis to see if you can change that reputation.
  8. Your company atmosphere is negative.  Are your walls chipped and graying?  Do your carpets need to be cleaned?  Is the artwork on the walls reminiscent of a cheap hotel room?  Believe it or not, the ambiance of a workplace directly contributes to the productivity of workers.
  9. Employees can get away with anything.  If you have rules that are never enforced, you’re likely to find yourself with employees who continuously overstep their boundaries.
  10. Employees don’t feel “heard”.  Do you listen to what your employees say?  Obviously, you’ll have to make decisions that are unpopular, but if you never consult your workforce at all, you may be sending the message that you don’t actually care about your employees.

Any that we’ve missed?

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