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Match.com Settles Lawsuit by Agreeing to Background Checks

Last week Internet dating site Match.com agreed to conduct background checks on its members in order to settle a lawsuit brought by a woman who was raped by a man she met on the dating service website. The man had six previous convictions for sexual offenses. He pleaded “no contest”...

Background Checks Make Sense!

Whether your business is large or small, you know how important good employees are, both to your bottom line and to team morale. So it's important to make the right choice for the business, and good, hard information can make it easier to choose among a field of prospective employees. And that means employee background checks.

Legitimate Employers Don’t Ask for Background Screenings Upfront

No wonder so many job candidates don’t want to submit to background screenings; after all, there are plenty of scammers out there who try to get applicants to give them personal information before an interview has even taken place! It’s important for all job seekers to realize that legitimate employers...