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Could a Background Check Save a Life?

Obviously, we're proponents of background checks for employees; after all, it's our business to protect companies and those who work for them. But could a background check actually save lives? A recent story from Michigan sure supports that theory...

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What Company Doesnt Want Great Employees?

“I have great employees!”  What CEO, VP, manager or supervisor wouldn’t want to be able to announce that to all the world and really, honestly, sincerely mean it?  The answer is:  ALL OF THEM!  Yet without background checks, getting great employees is going to be tough.   Background screening of...

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Background Checks Should Be a Part of the Solution…

If you're an employer who conducts background checks on all new personnel, congratulations! You've taken the first step to ensuring that you're hiring decent individuals. But don't rely on background checks alone. A comprehensive hiring strategy must be a part of any company's plan for success.

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