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New survey says more employers doing fewer credit checks

A recent Society for Human Resource Management survey found that more than half of respondents to a recent Society for Human Resource Management survey said they don’t use credit checks in the hiring process. That’s an increase from 2010, when 40 percent of organizations reported not using credit background checks....

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School Bus Drivers Must Pass Background Checks

One of the biggest issues for many parents is how their children will be getting to and from school. And for plenty of families, the answer is simple and traditional: the yellow school bus. But what's become perfectly clear is the fact that, in this day and age, bus drivers must be able to pass comprehensive background checks in order to assume their roles.

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Should School Board Members Be Background Checked?

In New Jersey, there has been some recent hubbub about making all would-be school board members undergo criminal background checks prior to being able to get on the ballot. Though most individuals are in favor of the regulation (and it looks like it's being passed in the NJ legislature), some are worried about certain elements of it. Namely:

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