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Follow Protocol to Avoid Mistakes in Background Check Process

There’s a reason the Fair Credit Reporting Act regulates the way employers use professional third-party background check companies, and that’s to ensure everyone is treated fairly and mistakes aren’t made. Consider the 53-year-old man in Michigan who recently was stripped of his new job because of a felony conviction found...

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FTC Weighs In On Social Media Background Checks

The Federal Trade Commission has now weighed in on the growing issue of social media background checks for employers. The FTC recently released a statement regarding employers who hire a third party service to do a social media background check, calling such a third party service “a consumer reporting agency...

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Does Your Company Have A Social Media Policy For Employees?

Everyone’s talking about social media background checks as the next trend in employment screening. Companies already are popping up to probe into the personal Internet profiles of job applicants. While this type of pre-employment screening can in some cases be useful, there are thorny privacy issues and potential issues with...

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